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Hand-sketched Premium Explainer Videos - When You Have Something To Say!

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For the creation of explainer videos we have developed the premium brand EXPLAINAS. Which stands for:

  • A customized consultation for the best explainer videos
  • A fast, streamlined workflow during the creation process
  • Maximum reach of viewers without distracting elements (such as a hand with a pen, camera, etc.)
  • Fresh content for your target audience and social media
  • High-quality illustrative presentation in many styles

Premium Explainer Videos since 2011

EXPLAINAS explainer video was created long before the big boom in explainer videos. So EXPLAINAS had enough time to develop into what it is: a premium brand that provides you with exactly the quality that a high communication demand with optimal target achievement needs.

The advantages are obvious: is the absolutely precise synch of sound and image. Together with you, we create an individual explainer film production – tailor-made for your target group.
By the way: We have a long track record of working with agencies, many industries, consulting firms, etc. So, you can trust us to have discretion and to hold a high standard for your project.

What makes a good explainer video?

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It is hard to imagine sales, marketing and social media without explanatory videos. The medium of explanatory videos plays an important role, because it allows complex content to reach the viewer in a compact and vivid way.

Many topics we have somehow heard before, but have we understood them? – An explanainer video can significantly contribute to breaking down boundaries, thinking outside the box and understanding others.

Whether Change and Strategy Visuals – An explanatory video provides an overview and serves as a vision, guide and goal statement all at once. An explanatory video can capture and intrigue the viewer, best in passing.

An explainer video reaches many people with few words and convinces with crystal clear images. An explanatory video convinces and can bring about a purchase decision, as a product video or on the website.

We illustrate and animate our EXPLAINAS videos for you, exactly matching your story. From our point of view, storytelling, the story in which your content is packaged, is crucial. Brevity is the spice of life and therefore we pay attention to complex correlations clear, introduce products, and enrapture an audience – and all the while, EXPLAINAS captivates your audience constantly through the interplay of story (professional voice-over) and moving pictures (hand-sketched images, perfectly suited to your message). And we always convince with the perfect interplay of story and moving pictures.

How an explainer video is created


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We don’t just depict our clients’ idea. We use multi-layered perspectives, narrative levels in image and sound. And we apply a wide variety of techniques to create a dense narrative rhythm.

In your collaboration with us, you will start with a detailed consultation. A good clarification of the assignment is the basis for optimal implementation and concept creation. Together we develop the video and with direct feedback loops we steer the production in the best possible way.


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We focus on content and give space to upcoming needs and adaptations. Always works the interaction of stories (telling voice, the voice-over) and moving images (drawn to match the story). And there you have it: your message as a custom explanatory video in a length of approx. 1-2 minutes ready as a fresh film to showcase your company or offer.

Short explanatory films full of meaning,
with great balance of content and visuals – works so well!

Interested? Go and grab more information on the EXPLAINAS website:

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