VizMind – Breakthrough Mindset for Visual Practitioners

You may sense a huge potential for your work as a visual practitioner. But are you fully your “Best Self“ to deliver it? Who do you need to be to embody that potential?

  • Learn about identity evolution, impact, growth.
  • Embrace habits, consciousness, energy.
  • Discover the next version of yourself, and your manifestation potential in the world.

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VizMind Online Course - Mindset for Visual Practitioners - mindset visual practitioners mathias weitbrecht

Hi, I'm Mathias

Let me ask you a question. Do you feel in your heart you could be at a completely different place? You just can’t figure out the “HOW”?

I know how frustrating that can be. I’ve been there. My story is that I was one of the early adopters of visual practice in Europe (2005), I was working my ass off but I felt stuck. I could not break past my own internal limitations. Today I thrive, but I can only say I learned it the hard way. 

Luckily there is a shortcut for you. I love our professional field, so I am opening the box of my experience to those that are really eager to develop. That want to learn beyond markers, lettering, drawing. That sense that mindset and beliefs counts.  Are you one of them? Here is what I offer:

  • A 8 module online program. Learn in your own pace.
  • Weekly live coaching & Q&A sessions on Zoom.

Who benefits from this online program?

Graphic Recorders
that want to boost up their skillset beyond drawing
that want to work more with consciousness and energy
that seek impact in the world with their work
that want to grow their business and embrace a solid mindset in uncertain times

What VizMind Modules will I get?

This is where we kick off, create a learning container together, and an internal commitment. Such an intention is really powerful and will carry you through your learning and transformation journey.

In this module you will learn how your environment (physical and non-physical) shapes your reality. And how you have control over it. You will learn what consciousness is, how your brain works and how to leave self-sabotage behind.

In this module, time will become your friend. Not by having more time, but better time. How you spend it, when to do what, what scheduling is and what ‘hacking time’ means are further pieces of this module.

Embracing natural rhythms and routines will give you super-powers. Find out how in this module.

Your true nature might be hidden and feel disconnected. Find out what’s in the way, how to ‘digest the past’ and be in touch what you have to give as a visual practitioner. Your clients will feel it!

A lot has been said about manifestation and reaching goals. Here is how what the right ingredients are and how to ‘crack the code’. You will allow feeling your desire to show up fully. 

Discover what impact your work can have on individuals, teams, th larger whole, systems. Let go of some business myths, and onboard everything basic about being a conscious entrepreneur.

Througout the course your learned that watching videos and knowing stuff is not enough. Practice makes perfect. You will develop your transfer and integration in order to fully embosy you new identity.

I am Mathias, I run a 35+ team of visual practitioners in Europe, and I can tell you: I learned it the hard way. Which enables me to share some rich experiences, which I accumulated on my path.

Mathias is a European pioneer in the field of visual facilitation. Since 2005 he has developed products, business models and teams – always aligned with a strong purpose-driven approach. He is founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH with a team of 35 visual strategists, graphic recorders and facilitators, as well as author of the book “Co-Create! Das Visualisierungs-Buch” and of the VizTrain online course. A similar workshop like VizMind attracted more than 100 practitioners at the 2019 IFVP conference.

VizMind Online Course - Mindset for Visual Practitioners - mathias weitbrecht mindset visual practitioners
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What would your work life
look like if you had cut through
your main blind spots?

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