33 Good Reasons for your Visualization Training Online

with Visual Facilitators

Get startet with your online course now.

Unlike our tried-and-tested classroom training courses, you can get started with our online learning offerings practically straight away. Simply register and get started. What are you waiting for?
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You're flexible in your plans.

In our course overview you can always see what is currently offered. You can learn in your own pace. So you can plan comfortably and flexibly.
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Your access to professionally created online learning tools.

Whether you are just starting out or are already advanced: We create our online learning offers professionally for you and we keep relevant content for every participant.
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Practical exercises and tangible material.

above all and despite digital technology, our courses are one thing: practical and with real, tangible practice material. To make sure that's the case, you'll receive a starter package by mail with everything you need before your VizTrain course.
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More balance through online training.

After each session you can receive personal feedback from our trainers in a live call. So you can track your progress at any time and improve successfully.
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Learning online is more practical than ever.

You can participate in our online programs through your Internet browser. Notes, work examples and helpful web pages can also be easily shared in the live calls.
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They are engaged in a lively exchange online.

Our live calls allow you to stay in touch with participants and trainers during and after the online courses. You can ask questions and report on your experiences and learning progress if you wish.
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You're getting feedback!

After each session you can receive personal feedback from our trainers in a live call. So you can track your progress at any time and improve successfully.
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Additional exercises improve your learning success.

In addition, our online courses help you to increase your learning success through homework or recommendations for specific reading recommendations.
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You benefit from a favorable cost ratio.

Because our online courses are digital, there are no printing and less shipping costs. In addition, the overall staff costs are lower, as less working time has to be invested. You yourself save a lot of time, energy and unnecessary trips to visit a trainer on site.
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You learn online from the best.

Since 2015 we have been developing our online trainings and expanding them bit by bit for you. To keep it that way, we are constantly investing for you - in innovative ideas, technology, tools, skills and methods for online learning.
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Alone or in a team - everything is possible.

With e-learning, you learn and practice alone, in a group, or with your team that is at your level. This allows you to tailor your training to your individual learning type for best results.
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You use an open and flexible learning platform.

You get unlimited access to your interactive learning material. This not only gives you the opportunity to improve your skills at your own pace. You also have control over your learning success.
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Learning internationally with others.

Take advantage of interactive lessons with your entire team. And do so at different locations in a uniform training. The best thing about it: You can still learn individually. Even if you work in an international team. Finally, we also offer our courses in English.
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Certified results.

For your completed course, you will receive a certificate upon request that not only identifies you as a participant, but also certifies your newly acquired experience. Thus, you have something in hand that you can not only build on, but also helps you achieve your professional goals.
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Step by step ahead and further.

Online learning offers you the fast lane to gain confidence in your skills. Through a proven method, you hold the key to your learning success even after your training is over.
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Training by experts that have practical experience.

You'll learn online from our experienced top trainers who have delivered thousands of trainings. Our trainers give you exactly the tools and skills you need to dive deep into online learning.
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Online learning progress at any level.

Whether you're a beginner just starting your training or an advanced student looking to improve skills, you'll always be challenged by our training so that you're in the right balance to learn at your best.
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You learn according to the latest methods.

You start your training according to a learning plan based on the latest methods. This way you can be absolutely sure to learn effectively and have even more time to move forward with other projects.
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You put together your personal curriculum.

With over 15 years of experience, we know that everyone learns in their own way. That's why you can tailor our trainings to your level, goals and lifestyle. If you need help or advice with this, we are here to help.
Here you can train just as you wish.

You will receive support for your successful kick-off.

Your learning experiences in our programs are so practice-oiented that you can apply them directly into your projects. Even more: Your questions are always welcome in the Q&A calls.
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Top coaches at all times.

Choose a training that fits you. We have a suite of programs that you can choose from. In other words, our online training makes you more flexible than ever for your learning.
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Your online courses available anywhere - anytime.

Whether at home, on the road, or traveling: Because we can always be where you need us, you always have the perfect learning venue with a Visual Facilitators online program.
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Continuous education.

Our training staff learn for you - all the time. Because what is true for our course participants is even more true for us. As a result, you benefit not only from many years of experience, but also from the latest tools and methods, taught brand-new.
Visualization works.

Added value that you can benefit from.

Your online course has a lasting effect. This is because of lively engagement with the learning content, exchange and feedback lead to practical skills. In many cases, a first online course with us marks a starting point for further development steps.
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Digital and still with your own hands.

In times of increasing digitalization, it is refreshing to work with your own hands. 
To experience how your ideas becomes visible. That's exactly why our online programs are so interactive and practical, without neglecting theory.
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You work in whichever context you like.

Our online programs make it easy for you to relate to your professional (or private) context. That's because the content can be easily transferred to whatever content.
Visualization works.

Only the latest for you.

We continuously review our online courses for you, thus ensuring a high quality level. This is also reflected updates and latest content in the Q&As.
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Individual learning.

Learning is not standardized. We take this into account especially in our online trainings, but also in possible 1:1 coaching sessions.
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More interaction for your life.

By linking theory and practice work - and through different types of tasks (learning, practicing, applying and trying out) you will benefit from the greatest possible learning success.
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Knowing how to visualize makes many things easier.

For you, we have packed all online content into modules and prepared them in an easy-to-understand way. So you learn step by step with a lot of enthusiasm Look forward to a brain-friendly learning experience!
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A proven track record.

We have been delighting our customers for more than 15 years. Visit our testimonials page, where you can read the enthusiastic feedback of our customers.
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Communication on eye level.

Team players instead of service providers: Each member of our online trainers is available to assist you without technical jargon and advise you from first steps to completion. Take advantage of your live Q&A calls.
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