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We visualize everything that needs to be explained. Our focus is on your company culture, strategy, vision and meetings. That enables you, as a decision maker, to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.
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What Working with Visual Facilitators Looks Like

Proven a thousand times: Co-creative collaboration in several steps.
You will get a solution that will bring your goals within realistic reach. Through a proven standard process.

1. The initial call

We always hold a initial call with you to find out exactly what your challenge is. We are interested in a holistic view of your problem, because your individual solution is our priority.

2. The expert consultation call

We design your solution in an expert consultation. In addition to the customized proposal, our offer always includes our standardized processes. This always includes a briefing before the start of concept work and implementation.

3. The Concept and its realization

Once we have understood you and your challenge, we start the realization work according to your goals – and create the solution for you that achieves these goals. We then implement this concept for you in your respective visualization support.

4. The ensuring of your success

In many projects we add a consultation at the end of the project to make sure that you can use the visualization in a target-oriented way.
How do you communicate to your employees, HR, sales, consultants, service etc and of course the customers? Your newly created visualization gives you many possibilities for practical use in your organization. Because “every strong image becomes a reality” – and that’s where we advise you.
This can include: Management guidelines, sometimes a written manual on roll-out, guidance for managers to facilitate and make this roll-out successful. As well as help around the most effective formats: from designing participation to e-learning & web-based training. And last but not least, the appreciation of your team’s achievements.


Erfahrung Weltweit

We have been operating in a rapidly growing field of activity since 2005. This makes us one of the pioneers and international market leaders in our industry. Year after year we gain more experience, which by now can proven in thousands of projects.
Along with a broad skillset, we offer a sophisticated range of professional services. And we’ve been around: We are internationally experienced, deployable and networked.


Was uns auszeichnet Matchmaking

Through our global setup, we can always provide the perfect fit: The right team member, with the right experience for your individual requirements. Thanks to our internal workflows and our team size, we can offer a high level of matchmaking. This way, your project gets a maximum of our quality which we did develop over the years.

Attitude and View

Quality Mindset

We are transformation companions. Innovative. Agile. Human. Integrating. Respectful. From meta to micro.
We create safe spaces for dialogue and help collaboratively establish foundations for upcoming development processes: “possibility moments”, spaces for open dialogue, creative processes, decision-making, conflict resolution, integration of perspectives, culture-shaping rituals. Visually supported – and for this we have real „Visual Rockstars“ in our Team!


Doing things differently: Co-creation, Visualization, Participation

Coaching, World Café, evolutionary dialogue,  transparent communication, listening, powerful questions, story-telling, Voice Dialog / Big Mind

Visual Facilitation, Visual Thinking, filtering and revealing the essence, facilitator neutrality

Facilitation, stakeholder analysis, large group collaboration, dialogue-centered interventions, Art of Hosting, circle structure in groups, self organization

Online Hosting, Online Coaching, Ecosystem & Platform Design

Strategic Visioning, hero’s journey, sense making

Systems Mapping, Arthur M. Young’s Theory of Process, information architecture

Integration of multiple perspectives, constructivism, action logic, spiral dynamics, Integral Theory, Theory U, Meshworking

Shaping transitions / evolution, neuro science, New Work = Inner Work, conscious business, empathy, mindfulness, attention training, grounding & centering, humility & Not Knowing

David Sibbet (co-founder of Graphic Recording), Diane Hamilton (Integral Facilitator), Ken Wilber,  Otto Scharmer, Thomas Hübl (transparent communication) etc.

An organization that effectively uses visual tools has a huge advantage in terms of its ability to think strategically, implement culture change and transformation well, and put plans into action. Your first step:


Implementation Process

The procedure:
1. Briefing.
2. Preparation based on handed over materials / agenda.
3. Implementation in a live setting online (or on site).
4. Optional short presentation in plenary.
5. Delivery of the final visual, integration into your measures.

Graphic Recording is the process of using hand-sketched images and text to capturing meetings or workshops in real time. Graphic Recording speaks to both the mind and the heart. During our work, we adopt a meta-perspective to capture the overall context as well as the different points of view. This increases understanding of complex connections, productivity and creativity. It also helps to retain all important aspects of a dialogue.
Graphic Recording happens in real time during your event. During a Graphic Recording, our focus is on your communication goal within your meeting to interactively  guide, connect or guide all participants via the visual.

Graphic Recording was invented for meetings and group dialogue, and has recently been used for conferences and lectures as well. Meetings and workshops are our focus for Graphic Recording.

The procedure:
1. Briefing.
2. Co-creative concept workshop (0,5-1 day, with a real-time delivery of a first visual direction).
3. Realization incl. feedback loops.
5. Delivery of the final visual, integration into your measures.
5. Optional roll-out consulting / manuals for deployment.

With a strategic visualization, our focus is on your desired goal in line with a target group to be reached. Your visual should explain, facilitate, motivate – and that across cultures and countries, company-wide or only in one department. Strategic visualization is about the visual support of corporate processes, strategies and projects, usually closely linked to existing media and forms of communication in the company (PowerPoint, PDF, intranet, etc). Creating such visuals requires skills in strategic thinking and a robust understanding of the respective content and expected results. Usually digitally drawn visuals are created on a computer. They are high-resolution, printable and reusable. Even long projects can be facilitated and supported in the best possible way.
The visuals will be integrated into your communication and intention so that they will convey precisely what you have to say. For this, we provide our advice and experience. We are here to help to make your communication a success.

The procedure:
1. Briefing and definition of objectives.
2. Preparation, concept and process or event design, incl. planning of interactivity and participation, coordination.
3. Actual process support online or on-site incl. close synchronisation with you and your hosts.
4. Debriefing and lessons learned.
5. Optional documentation and harvesting.

In a facilitation process we are on your side during all important steps to reach your goals through visually supported process dialogue. 
Visual Facilitation is a combination of Graphic Recording and Facilitation, which means to support the group interactively and guiding them towards their goals.
 It is useful for brainstorming, designing scenarios, understanding complexity, and anything interactive with groups. We actively engage participants and facilitators in the workshop using visual-based methods so that they contribute to the overall outcome in a process-supportive way. The visualization will include all key points and the people can find themselves and the results in the visual. Towards the end of a workshop, the result can be presented to the participants as agreed and the added value can be made visible.

In an Explainer Video. we showcase your complex topic to the point and work in 4 phases:

1. Conception, Text and Storyboard: here we receive your idea, story and the text to be visualized and advise you regarding the feasibility of the project. In terms of text, we expect one feedback loop. If no storyboard is available, our consultants will be happy to create one for you.
2. Voice-Over: After final approval of the text, we will record it with one of our standard speakers or we will receive an audio file from you in WAV or AIFF format. If you wish, you can choose from our pool of professional speakers, audio samples are available.
3. Illustration: we discuss the first visual ideas with you and then create a first draft, which, after your approval, undergoes the final artwork in animated form.
4. Post-Production: this phase adds the voice-over and synchronizes text and images, and exports the video. This is also where files in video formats are exported according to your usage requirements.

Online Programs – The procedure:
1. Consultation on your learning plan and goals.
2. Selection of the appropriate program, hand-over of the online login data.
3. Self-paced online learning, and regular attendance of online coaching / Q&A calls (via Zoom).
4. Perfect your own implementation and practice.

Inhouse Workshops – the procedure:
1. Consultation on your learning plan and goals.
2. Preparation and learning design, creation of the learning experience space. Sending online access data (or logistical preparation on site) and sending materials (pens, Neuland markers, etc).
3. On the day of the event, access online (or on-site), hold the training day, Q&A and work on your own projects and cases.
4. De-Briefing and photo documentation.

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