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Graphic Recording Mathias Weitbrecht

Mathias Weitbrecht

Co-Create! - The Visualization Book

How can Visualization be applied to connect simple to complex content? Which methods can it work hand in hand with? What should clients, executives, and facilitators know about each other in order to successfully master projects and events? What makes a team of visualizers, facilitators, trainers, moderators and change consultants into a team of co-creation? Read more in this leading specialist book on visualization – which by the way was one of the first on the market!

Publikationen von Visual Facilitators - Mathias Weitbrecht - Co-Create! Das Visualisierung-Buch

This publication is in German language.

Book Website:
Wiley Publ., ISBN 3-527-50780-9
€ 29,99

Selected Reviews:
Sandra Dirks (German) Blog (German)
Arbeiten im Sekretariat (German)

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Book Cover The World of Visual Facilitation - 2019

50 intl. Authors, incl. Mathias Weitbrecht

World Of Visual Facilitation

Visual Facilitation is a field helping teams and organisations to explore, develop and realize their goals. Think of for example visioning, strategic planning and team performance. This book shares new approaches and stories from visual facilitators all around the world. By sharing their best experiences, the authors help readers who want to know more about visual facilitation and how it can contribute to new energy and results. This book was written by a rich group of 50 professionals from all around the globe, including Mathias Weitbrecht from VF. His chapter is about the future of our professional field.

Website about the book
TVC Publ., ISBN 9789082868500
€ 54,99

Articles about the book:
Amy Lenzo
Tim Hamons
Mary Alice Arthur

Publikationen von Visual Facilitators - unser Beitrag in Graphic Recording - Gestalten Verlag

Anna Lena Schiller (editor)

Graphic Recording – Live Illustration for Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

This is an illustrated book which presents the diversity and high quality of selected Graphic Recording visualizations. Though it is not possible for this book to make you a visualizer yourself just by reading it, it is still able to show you the breadth of styles, approaches, and stories of origin of visual live documentations like no other. Countless Graphic Recorders (including contributions from our Graphic Recording Team) give a glimpse into their tool kits and ways of working, alongside of co-editor and expert Anna Lena Schiller, who gives a short introduction into the topic of visualization. Wonderful!

Gestalten Publ., 9783899556568 (English edition) respectively ISBN 9783899556926 (German edition)
€ 16,95

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Selected Press and Media Appearences

Competence. Research. Practice. Background.

Mathias Weitbrecht about visualizing your vision on the Rayk Hahne Podcast 

Mathias Weitbrecht on The Global Sales Leader Podcast

Mathias Weitbrecht on The Visual Thinking Podcast

Article with video about our graphic recording services on SPIEGEL Online.

Interview (German) about Graphic Recording with Mathias Weitbrecht on Euroforum Handelsblatt Media.

Interview (German) „Facilitating Global Change“ with Mathias Weitbrecht in Integrale Perspectiven.

Radio Interview (German) Mathias Weitbrecht on DeutschlandFunk Nova

Contribution by Mathias Weitbrecht in the book „Mit Worten bewegen“ by Andrea Joost, Wiley Publishers, 2013

Sabine Soeder: World Café (Auszug aus „CoCreate! Das Visualisierungs-Buch“ (PDF-Download

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Article in Spiegel Online incl. video

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