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Get more out of your Meetings

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Graphic recording is a technique for the real-time visualization of dialogues, content and results during meetings, workshops or discussions.

The process-facilitating use of visuals, symbols and words simplifies complex concepts, dialogues and information and presents them in a target-oriented way.

Companies benefit from this method as it improves communication and understanding of complex challenges, promotes the commitment of those involved, facilitates remembering and stimulates the creative group process.

Long Meetings = Lots of Information

Impossible to remember everything? It’s possible with graphic recording!

Discover graphic recording – effective, sustainable and goal-oriented

Do you know this? An important team meeting is coming up. As a manager, it is particularly important to you that your colleagues understand and internalize the essence of the meeting.


Long dialog processes require a high level of concentration. As a result, participants may find it increasingly difficult to process a lot of information over a longer period of time. A remedy is therefore needed to present processes and core results in a way that is permanently visible and easy to understand.

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Graphic recording eases the minds of your participants because the essence of the information is condensed into a single, clear visualization. 

Regardless of the length of the content and presentations, all relevant ideas, concepts and strategies are visualized in a single “big picture”. This results in the following advantages 

  • process-oriented handling of information 
  • Sustainable presentation of results 
  • Reduces the possibility of participants being overwhelmed 
  • makes it easier to focus on the dialog and content 
  • goal-oriented end result in the form of a visualization that encompasses the essence
  • better reach and involvement of people  

Sounds like graphic recording could help you?

11 Good Reasons to get your Visualization from us

As one of the largest team of graphic recorders in Europe and the Middle East and with global partners, we at VISUAL FACILITATORS do not only offer an unparalleled ability to deliver, but you also get an incomparable wealth of visual styles.

Year after year, we capture the content of global customers in hundreds of graphic recordings. Which makes us one of the market leaders.

1. Straightforward and hands-on

Our team members are not theory-nerds, but draw on decades of experience – some of them specialize in specific industries.

2. Your professional listeners

We are the „chief listening officer“ in the room. And if it makes sense, we’ll surprise you with solutions you haven’t even thought of yet.

3. 30+ different styles

Thanks to our large team, we can deliver 30+ scribing styles. We use the perfect match for every project – to suit every customer.

4. Digital & versatile

Every graphic recording on paper is digitized – or directly visualized in digital format. You receive your visuals in high resolution, printable and reusable. This allows you to benefit from the visualization in many ways. Graphic recordings in several language versions are also feasible.

5. You get something really made to measure

We do not offer “off-the-shelf” solutions. We will guide you through a proven project process.

6. Implementation advice

After completing each visualization, you will receive practical tips on how to use your visuals to maximum effect.

7. We are where you are

We deploy our team worldwide, digitally or face2face. Means we always support you where it helps you the most.

8. Consultants with markers in our hands

As visualization experts, we put your plans into the right picture in line with your objectives. We always practice visualization with reference to the right solution.

9. 100% transparent costs

There are no hidden costs with us. You are clearly informed of the costs before each project.

10. Unique wealth of experience, worldwide

Since 2005, we have delivered over 10,000 visualizations as a team and our knowledge and experience has grown with each and every one of them. 

11. Simply valuable

Did you receive several quotes and prices range from a shoestring to elite? We know why graphic recording prices differ so much around the world. In our initial consultation, we explain exactly how our prices are calculated.

Choose the market leader:


All of a sudden, information from meetings is perceived as a true contribution to results and to the bigger picture

Graphic Recording

Choose a market leader:

Everyone in the room sees and experiences the visual documentation of the discussions live and can connect with it.

Your benefit during the meeting:
it is precisely this connection that helps your meeting participants to gain insight and make better decisions. That’s is because graphic recording improves group intelligence in the room.

Your benefit after the meeting:
A visual log is created – with a precision landing exactly at the end of your meeting. Finally, you have a reusable documentation with the core content and results for further use in your follow-up communication.

Your next Graphic Recording could look like this

Work with us

How your Collaboration with us Works

Proven a thousand times over: A co-creative collaboration in several steps. You get a solution that makes your goals achievable for everyone involved.

Step 1

Book your free initial call: Click on the button below to schedule your call.

Step 2

Expert consultation: In the call, we talk about your challenge. We will give you specific ideas on reaching your goals could look like.

Step 3

Implementation: Our experts prepare and deliver your individual graphic recording live on site or online alongside your content input.

The Largest Graphic Recorder Team

Our graphic recording quality badge shows the distinction of the team member’s qualification in the respective field. Visual Facilitators provides a quality promise to customers by deploying our trained team members. Our training is regularly updated to current market and industry changes.

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Digitales Graphic Recording

Graphic recording: a process-oriented and facilitative method since day one

Graphic recording emerged as a tool around 45 years ago. It is therefore a relatively young discipline that stands in the wider context of “business visualization” (and not in the illustrative or artistic field).

Graphic recording primarily focuses on the idea of supporting meetings, generating insight, combining information or facilitating collaboration and group processes.

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What is your benefit from graphic recording?

Everybody present in the room sees and experiences the visual documentation of the content live and connects with it.

  • The in-the-moment benefit: This very sense of connection helps your meeting participants gain insights and make better decisions. Graphic recording works on a large mural or online.
  • The benefit after the meeting: A visual protocol is created – with precision landing exactly at the end of your meeting. Finally, you have a re-usable documentation with all contents and results for further use in your follow-up communication.
Graphic Recording

Dedicated: Our graphic recorders support your moderator, event manager or facilitator both quietly and in more creation. We document in words and images and also weave together a wide variety of topics and content. All of this live and in real time. It makes all perspectives visible.

Straightforward: All visualizations are delivered discreetly. Your meeting can remain as it is. You are also welcome to use visual facilitation to work with your group in a participative and interactive way.

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Effective: If you actively use the visual material after the meeting, you will promote two things in particular: insight and clarity for all participants.

In addition, you strengthen internal and external communication with a lasting effect long after your event.

Versatile: Our visualizers are good listeners, can process large amounts of information, are creative, recognize patterns, gather perspectives and adopt meta-views. 

What’s more: They have solid academic business knowledge, a sound general education and industry knowledge, and are able to integrate visualization into existing processes.

What Clients Say

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How does graphic facilitation work?

Graphic facilitation uses visual elements to support group discussions and decision-making processes. It is a method for group processes that promotes co-creative transformation, connects ideas and makes complexity tangible.

What is graphic recording?

Graphic recording (also known as visual recording) is a facilitation method for visualizing content and results during workshops or meetings. The aim is to support the creation of meaning and significance for the group. Recently, conferences have also been scribed using graphic recorders for a visual summary of discussions and presentations.

What are the advantages of graphic recording?

Graphic recording improves the results of meetings and group dialogue. It promotes solutions to complex challenges, encourages participant engagement and supports the recall of discussed content. In addition, it provides a high-quality documentation by using a visual “big picture” format.

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