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Pioneer since 2005 – we have delivered thousands of projects, as are an experienced team.

  • Co-creators of change
  • Solutions for a complex, new world
  • Clients from DAX-30, Fortune-500 and medium-sized companies
  • Globally experienced, networked and deployable

The premium global visualization strategy service provider that helps businesses and decision makers understand complexity and make better decisions

Visual Facilitators is a European pioneer in the field of strategy visualization and visual facilitation. The company has been developing solutions, business models and team solutions since 2005. Visual Facilitators consists of a team of 35 visual strategists, facilitators and graphic recorders. They specialize in client-focused B2B solutions in the areas of strategic visioning, corporate culture, learning and change maps, and the visually-supported design of collaboration. Visual Facilitators’ work begins with the client’s desired future state as a starting point and leverages decades of experience in their approach to finding solutions. Visual Facilitators works globally with you, the client, both in person and online.

Teamworkshop Graphic Recording

Change is complex

And neither mind nor words grasp it. Yet we want meaningful change that lasts. Vision and values that are embodied. Projects in which people participate with dedication, spirit and creativity.

Values, strategies, visions or new processes: For people all of these might be something abstract. Only through a joint process do they come to life. Only through color, form and story do they have an effect on mind, heart and soul. They become tangible, palpable, fun.

And we work in a large Graphic Recorder Team and Facilitator Team!

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More Information

The Home of Visualized Magic

Sneek-peek into our small but fine office in the famous Colonnaden street in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. A place full of creativity and good spirit – This is the international headquarters of Visual Facilitators.

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From booking to debriefing

Find out what our customers say, with whom we have a long, deep and value-creating relationship.

How We Work

Proven a thousand times over: A co-creative collaboration in several steps. Read also about our background and theory as well as practice models.

Fields of Application

“State-of-the-art” coverage of domains: Corporate culture, change, strategy, vision work, new work, meeting & event, e-learning, etc. Our clients hire us in these application areas for one main reason: to make clarity visible.

Let is do the job

What results can you expect? What do we promise you? More on this from us in our role as…

  • Clarity manifestor
  • Solution accelerator
  • Trusted partner

In Co-Kreation verbunden

We are aware that as Visual Facilitators we flow in a creative coexistence with many other colleagues, networks, ideas, knowledge and processes that map a continuum. This is something we are very grateful for! We therefore strive to share and expand our context of knowledge, experience and questions (that we cannot answer alone) so that we create value, learning, collaboration, joy, excellence and trust among ourselves and for our clients in the spirit of this continuum.


  • EVP: European Visual Practitioners
  • IFVP: Member International Forum of Visual Practitioners
  • GLEN: Member im Global Learning & Exchange Network
  • Member International Association of Facilitators: Statement of Values and Code of Ethics
  • Neuland Toolmaster
  • IAF Intl. Association of Facilitators


  • The Grove Visual Consultants (official Partner)
  • Mobius Executive Leadership (Link)
  • CoCreativeFlow Sabine Soeder
  • Synnecta
  • edutrainment company
  • TEDx München, Berlin, Hamburg, FFM etc.
  • Karolina Iwa
  • Co-Creation Foundation (Link)
  • Co-Creating Europe (Link)
Watch our video about a European Visual Practitioner gathering:
Play Video about European Visual Practitioners Community Gathering - Nov. 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

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