What Results Can You Expect?

Let us take care of this.


Our clients often describe their benefit from a collaboration with this one word. Foster clarity and positive change in your organization by using visuals – and do this from the inside. How does your vision, strategy or mission statement really come across? Which of your important projects or which collaboration needs a boost?

We offer Solutions to your most pressing challenges. We do that with strategy visualization, change and meeting support, consulting and online mentoring. So that you’ll always get exactly the expertise and valuable experience you can use to achieve results.
Of course, we can’t promise that you will achieve your goals just because we create a visual for you.

What we do promise, however:

1. We always ask you about the deeper meaning and purpose of what you’re doing. Our work focuses primarily on the process and the overall context running at your end – rather than just the visual.

2. We speak with the decision-makers. For all this to succeed, we start by communicating with those who have the final say about a successful implementation of our collaboration.

3. We offer you our team/skill matchmaking. We assign the right team member with the appropriate experience for your individual requirements. This is something we can ensure – thanks to our internal workflows and team size.

4. We work closely with you. Co-creation is in place when everyone involved invests time – for preparation, feedback loops and the roll-out integration. If you implement your new visual skilfully, you will see noticeable changes in your endeavours. This requires your active cooperation.

Here Are The Results You Can Expect:

Here are a number of results that our customers describe:
Einstein Problemlösung Visualisierung
  • You reach people, e.g. employees or customers.
  • You reduce overwhelm.
  • What you talk about will appear in front of you, visually.
  • “A problem is never solved at the level at which it was created,” Albert Einstein is said to have said. By working with us, our customers enter a new, higher level of solution.
Menschen erreichen Visualisierung
  • You can make better decisions.
  • You engage in a more holistic communication.
  • They speed up their communication.
  • You emerge stronger from disruption.
  • You use a contemporary way of communicating the even most complex problems in a way that reaches people.
Cocreating meaningful Change Visualisierung
  • You make your uniqueness visible.
  • You use proven and brain-friendly means to see the big picture.
  • Those who see more can change the world for the better. 
  • You arrive at more trustworthy processes and goals.

We are your Clarity Enablers

Even if we work with a marker at first glance: We are not primarily paid for drawing. Visualization is a discipline in its own right (since the 1970s) and we call our work “visualization”, not drawing. Our core service is to skilfully and understandably depict your content. Whether meetings, concept work, processes or strategy: We get to the point, reduce complexity and create clarity for your goals.

We are your Solution Accelerators

We turn the abstract into something concrete, “cast” it in pictures to illustrate it and fill it with life. This is the way to communicate complex corellations in a sustainable way. And it’s always about your processes and goals.
As visualizers we see ourselves as interactive designers of perspectives, views and attitudes. All these aspects have to be integrated for your project – and to open up solutions on a higher, more appropriate level.

We are your Trusted Partner

We at Visual Facilitators are among the pioneers in this field of work – since 2005. A corresponding responsibility, professionalism and quality standard is something we do assure you. Start with a free initial consultation:

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