Helmut Dannemann - Team Visual Facilitators

In over 40 years of working with individuals, organizations, groups and teams in the fields of coaching, supervision, mediation, facilitation and moderation, Helmut Dannemann has developed an attitude that focuses on the evolutionary developmental impulse in systems. In doing so, he aligns his attentiveness and his actions to three essential sources of information: Space – Energy – Structure. His most important competence in working with people in the most diverse constellations and dynamics lies in listening to and precisely sensing this evolutionary developmental impulse. This can occur in individuals as well as in the collective as a creative urge to create, as an unresolved, “hot”, acute or smoldering conflict or as a (still) unrecognized shadow striving towards transformation.

I see my role in this as being a systemic architect of cultures and consultant of development processes for individuals and organizations – integral and involving multiple perspectives.


  • integrale Moderation (Facilitation) von Teams, Gruppen und Kongressen
  • Mediation und Konfliktklärung zwischen Individuen, in Organisationen und Teams (zertifizierter Ausbilder für Mediation im Bundesverband Mediation e.V.)
  • Keynote speaker
  • director of systemic family and organizational constellations NISL®
  • movement-based brain jogging with Life Kinetik®
  • coaching and supervision for teams in leadership positions
  • certified anti-aggression and violence prevention trainer®
  • certified Profile Dynamics Practitioner®
  • Integral Change Consultant®
  • Martial Art Trainer (Aikido, 2nd DAN)
  • more than 30 years of spiritual practice and mediation as a student of Toni Packer, Thomas Hübl and Adyashanti

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