Ines Schaffranek - Team Visual Facilitators

“Better together” is a motto that strongly influences my work. No matter whether I make information and connections visible as a graphic recorder or go into process support as a visual facilitator. It is always about people and how they can work together in the best possible way. To support this is one of the most beautiful tasks for me!
As a cultural scientist, I am innately interested in how people design, celebrate and organize their living and working spaces. I can now incorporate this into my work and give it form.
I have trained as an Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) for the fine group intuition and solution-oriented possibilities for action. It is often the subtle nuances that determine whether change succeeds or is unconsciously blocked, so Ines Schaffranek.
I can usually be found where there is something new, where surprising perspectives open up or where a courageous leap is needed. Whether it’s technical innovations, new event formats or moderation methods: trying things out, being creative together and shaping the future gives me energy!

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