Mirja Pischel - Team Visual Facilitators

Mirja Pischel: The one reason I became a strategy visualizer and graphic recorder? I know how the audience feels. I took my first steps into the visual storytelling circle as a curious workshop participant – with countless input, great ideas, innovative thoughts and no strategy to keep it all. I lived on the corner of Overwhelm-Avenue and Pressure-refueling-Boulevard – and that was anything but cute.

I found it helpful to take written notes, but – in all seriousness – I quickly learned a hard lesson: I can try to follow along and write down word for word what the speaker says … but unless I know how to create something that provides a quick overview of the main idea … I’d never look at my notes again. And the key message (assuming I even happened to catch it) would get lost somewhere in that seventh half-completed notebook, under a pile of loose papers in the bottom left drawer.

That changed abruptly the moment I found out that I am a visual learner and graphics are the answer to countless learning difficulties. Since then, I’ve been privileged to work with the brightest and most eloquent minds, and one thing always strikes me: Trainers, speakers, coaches or managers follow an inner call, a responsibility to share their knowledge with the world. To make this knowledge understandable, so that it is shared by the audience, it must be accessible to all: the auditory and the visual learners.

I take complex ideas, focus on the core message, and create a snapshot that I feel is particularly important to resonate with participants in a way they can understand, even weeks and months later.

By the way… with a degree in industrial engineering I’ve worked worldwide for corporations in the hospitality, recruiting or education industries. This background allows me to quickly grasp even sophisticated content and connect the dots not just visually but logically. My heart beats especially for projects that involve creative problem solving, sustainability, NLP or NGOs.

English or German? You decide! Graphic recordings and business illustrations are my main focus. Super excited to be working with you soon!

Examples below: We are not able to show a majority of our work for confidentiality reasons. When we have permission to show something, then we often do not show the entire visual, but details. See as well our gallery. We appreciate your understanding.

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