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Many people can feel it. There is a deep divide in current organizational structures, which exists between existing possibilities for development on the one side and actual potential on the other. A global movement has emerged around this potential. In a grass-roots style movement, a culture of wholeness is emerging, which touches on both individual mindsets and cultures, structures, and processes of organizations.

We always start every project with defining the purpose of the organization.

The examples are countless and the applications just as many:

  • Defining purpose in new leadership
  • Strengthening of ability to change
  • Culture shift
  • Decision-makeing and collaboration competencies
  • Meeting formats in home office
  • Organizational structure
  • Flexible and self-organized forms of work
  • Virtual collaboration and user-oriented IT design
  • Leadership concepts and systems in the digital transformation
  • Work Life Balance as a Buzzword in New Work

Value-based action – As partner in a meshwork of networks.

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In order for this to succeed, we create new methods.

Would you like your company to move forward? To think in new ways collaboratively, to break fresh ground? Then you will most likely agree with us: that the teams who create together, lead together, and challenge each other are the teams who have success. Because those who would like to move forward for the benefit of all in a new, unpredictable and complex world must do their research.

Work Life Balance ist Trend

We will facilitate your research. Actively assisting you on your way.

As part of the “Reinventing / Teal” movement, we are permanently working on “Next Stage Organizations” in a growing network of global players who also embody the New Work approach. With local groups, online meetings, “Communities of Practice”, everything around New Work, Reinventing Organizations, Conscious Business, Holacracy, U.Labs, Social Entrepreneurship etc. we are engaged around New Work.

Today’s world of work needs new methods, approaches and tools around group intelligence. We design these with you and your team. In addition, we implement these new methods and visually support the development of a completely new potential.

Purpose ist fester Bestandteil im New Work Zeitalter

We encourage a culture of openness.

Openness in order to be ready to scrutinize our work, to discover the “New“, and integrate “not knowing“. Thus, we are able to prepare our clients and ourselves for the path of discovering evolutionary potential. Something that counts as one of our fundamental core values.

We encourage a culture of openness. We apply all of this in our client’s projects. And in the course of doing so, we find new, unprecedented solutions each and every time. In the end, the challenges of each situation encourage a completely new approach every time. And that is valid as well for the various perspectives which we take.

We live and embody all of this ourselves. We don’t just view „Reinventing Organizations“ as a model, tool or theory. We practice it. Day in, day out. We actively work towards this means on our structures and are taking our own steps towards self-organization, dynamic, agile workflows and manifestation.

Businesses today are no longer isolated, lonely islands hoarding their wisdom. Rather they act like a part of a living organization, as a partner within a web of networks which have aligned themselves to similar visions, values and goals. They act in line with a global scarcity of resources and the essential need for sustainability. Thereby creating human, cultural, and spiritual values through their products, brands, services, politics and staff management.

We create our own reality: Everything that we can recognize as potential to new paths, that we dare to dream of today as people in organizations or clients, is possible.

Provided that we have the corresponding visions, intentions, structures, goals and values. In order to reach this goal, we must create a transparent, mindful framework of learning and relating.

We live in a time of consistent value orientation, in which the term New Work stands as a symbol for a new working paradigm. We see the consumer as a human being, see the earth as our only home. An inescapable community that many companies are consciously integrating into the New Leadership and the New Work.

And what does this result in? – A learning organization: We work with you and your organization as a systemic unity of parts (people, goals, resources, divisions, leadership, locations, competencies, cultural differences, reward systems, requirements, teams, processes, etc.) which communicate with each other in their interactions. To become a learning organization means a cultural change at a deep level. A change, which can often take several years depending on the existing situation. We can consciously change – we can reinvent ourselves.

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Your Project

Your project starts with a short consultation in which we understand your challenge and directly propose a first solution – including Visualization and facilitation:

Worth Reading
Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations – deutsche Ausgabe English Edition (now translated into over 30 languages), as well as illustrated version. The Loop-Approach – a field-tested framework from The Dive. New Work needs Inner Work – to integrate the often forgotten inner dimension of people, teams, organizations.
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Contribution by Visual Facilitators at the Next Stage World Gathering, April 2017: Harvesting Website (organizer has deleted this content)

For Purpose Organizations: 

Enlivening Edge: (Cooperation partner George Pór)

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