Graphic Recording in Dubai

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Graphic Recording in Dubai and UAE

The missing piece for your Dubai and Middle East events and meetings: Make people see what you mean!
State-of-the-art support: Your local UAE / Dubai on-site Graphic Recorders are “The Visual Facilitators“. Global pioneers since 2005.
Not only will you receive your tailored graphic recording Dubai experience. We also offer an incomparable variety of visual styles. Globally we provide hundreds of Graphic Recordings per year. Which makes us one of the trusted market leaders.

A trusted partner for over 3.000 clients.

Dubai Graphic Recording? Yes!

It is not your fault...

… not to know how to create unique, outstanding meetingsstrategy sessions or events. You are looking for a solution, to get the feeling that you are adding real, tangible value to your events. 
Congratulations. You just found us.

Graphic Recording Experience

Since 2005, we have created over ten thousand graphic recordings. We have experienced hundreds of different settings: Meetings, events, conferences. We brought incredible value to clients. Which filled a rich treasure box of experience. Of course also Graphic Recording in Dubai / UAE and all over the Middle East.

Book Dubai visual recording!

Systematically enhance your meetings & events! Boost up your reputation and generate trust for your organization or leadership. We will use proven methods to have your Dubai meetings documented in visuals. Outstanding and unique – the praise and recognition will be all yours.

Local Graphic Recorders on site in Dubai

Our Dubai graphic recorders are fully trained. Not in simple “drawing” but in the original graphic recording method as it was invented. Our quality badge shows the certificates of the team member’s qualification. Visual Facilitators means: You as a customer will receive our quality promise. Through trained team members.

ausgebildete Graphic Recorder Badge
Dubai graphic recording

Our Graphic Recording Dubai approach: The original!

Graphic Recording originated as a method approximately 40 years ago. Graphic recording focuses on supporting meetings. With the purpose of generating insight, promoting collaboration and group processes. We are loyal to the original way Graphic Recording was invented and taught. This is what we offer with Graphic Recording Dubai.
We have local experience and a proven track record of working in Dubai and the Middle East (Qatar, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, etc).

Graphic recording in Dubai

How you can benefit from Graphic Recording Dubai

4 simple steps for you as entrepreneur, head of any UAE corporate office, event manager or agency:

  1. Your initial call: This is where we find out about your challenge and goal.
  2. Your expert consultation call: We craft a tailored solution for your Emirates meeting, Dubai event or conference.
  3. Your on-site or online realization: We deliver your graphic recording on site in Dubai / UAE in accordance with your goals.
  4. Ensuring your success: We consult you on the best post-event use and implementation of your Dubai graphic recording.
Graphic Recording Dubai - dubai graphic recorder 161214

Engaged: Our Dubai Graphic Recorder supports your moderator, event manager or facilitator. Quietly and in co-creation. For this purpose, we document in written and visual form and we cluster topics and content. All in real-time. The effect: all perspectives become visible.

Straightforward: All visualizations are created in a discrete way. Your meeting can remain as it is.

EN dubai-graphic-recording_visual-facilitators_170515

Effective: If you actively use the visual material after the meeting. you promote two things: Insight and sensemaking for all participants.
Additionally, you strengthen internal and external communication. For example with lasting impact long after your Dubai event.

Multifaceted: All at our expert visualizer teams are excellent listeners and can process large amounts of information. They are creative, recognize patterns, form perspectives and take meta-views.

And more: They know the Emirates and Middle East culture. They are able to integrate visualization into your existing processes.

Photo: Our business card in Dubai. When can we hand it over to you?

Nobody on the ground for graphic recording in Dubai?

Not any more. We know graphic recording inside-out and we know the local culture. Talk to us and we’ll let you know what to look for when choosing a good Graphic Recording Dubai.

Is graphic recording available for online events?

Of course. In fact, besides United Arab Emirates graphic recording we work in creating memorable online meetings – and participants can also be engaged online.

In need of more clarity? A graphic recording is just the perfect solution.

You hold your Dubai event, we document visually and live. Be it strategy, idea generation or vision:
We are your premium partner on the ground in Dubai and UAE graphic recording. With local experience and track record.

What Clients Say

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More Information

above: Graphic recording Dubai impressions. Just a few examples out of hundreds of delivered events per year.

right: “Hi, I am  Mathias Weitbrecht, head of Graphic Recording Dubai and CEO of Visual Facilitators. Let’s talk!

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