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Graphic Recording Dubai – Scribing Benefits for Meetings, Workshops and Events

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Graphic Recording Dubai – Scribing Benefits for Meetings, Workshops and Events

There’s something new at Dubai events – visuals on the wall, so-called graphic recordings. These stunning live visuals contribute to meeting and workshop success. Read on to find out more about Graphic Recording Dubai – and you’ll find a true opportunity at the end that can level up your meetings.

graphic recording dubai

From business comics to Graphic Recording Dubai

Do you know? In the 1990ies, almost anyone who dared to add a comic to the beginning or end of a normal text-based presentation was getting praise. In the 2000s, infographics took off, and it became a true addiction to explain complex matter in graphics. And since the 2010s, strategy visuals, visualized targets and graphic recording were added.

The magic of visualization has entered the business world. Now more and more at Middle East and Dubai events.

The spectrum of business visualization methods is broad. Imagine a professional scribbling along to capture your meeting, or a visual recorder filling a wall in your meeting room. Or think about a graphic facilitator who deliver process work live with your group. And then there are visual consultants using images as an embedded component to level up your meeting culture, strategy workshops and projects.

Why Graphic Recording?

Dubai. Monday morning. An internal workshop takes place in an organization. Everybody is very concerned about the future of a product strategy. Employees and managers from various hierarchical levels, departments and functions fill the meeting room. Some have come voluntarily, others have been sent to be part of the meeting. All have different perspectives, expectations, motivations, backgrounds and personality traits. Everyone is important, and certainly the sum of those present and the diversity in the room represents the best the host could invite to the occasion.

If that meeting is under your responsibility: What do you do?

Because intuitively you know the typical phenomenon: Hardly anyone is able to see the „big picture“.

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This is well illustrated by the parable of the blind men with the elephant. A group of blind people meets an elephant. Each one touches the unknown object in a different place and expresses what it might be: “A hose!”, says the one touching the trunk. “A tree trunk!” says the one on the elephant’s leg. “No, it’s a rag!” replies the one who has touched the ear.

In the above meeting scenario you might have a need to deliver one or all of the following:

  • Participation: You need to really involve your participants.
  • Big picture: You need to go beyond the linear powerpoint pattern of slide 1 – slide 2 – slide 3, and deliver overview.
  • Details: You need to ensure small details are not lost and tiny voices are heard.
  • Essence: You need to extract core results and maybe action points.
  • Inspiration: You wish to reach people beyond words and possible resistance.
  • Documentation: You need to put together overview, core results and actions points into one single, easy to grasp artefact.

You guessed it. This is what graphic recording delivers. Let’s take a look how.

Graphic Recording for your Dubai Meeting or Event

Even a simple graphic recording, i.e. the scribing of an event in visual form, provides a non-linear introduction to a topic and can also reveal correlations. It links what is presented or discussed with what’s happening in the room. The graphic recorder captures the discussions and integrates them into a big picture in color, words and form. That big picture totality can be grasped at a glance. What a huge difference to that PowerPoint presentation …

However, PowerPoint and Graphic Recording can complement each other perfectly: PowerPoint is used to present, Graphic Recording is used to document.

Not only that. Your Dubai Graphic Recording will retain the results and core message of your event long after the day.

How does your graphic recorder do all of that?

  • Listening: A trained ear to what is said and discussed, and what’s between the lines.
  • Translating: From words to symbols and metaphors.
  • Purpose orientation: Always your objectives and the meeting goals in mind.
  • Scribing / drawing: And also writing a lot!
  • Layout: Planning and using the paper real estate in alignment with the objectives of the event.
  • and much more.

How meetings benefit from Graphic Recording: Dubai events rejoice!

All of that is good news and a new success factor for Dubai meetings. If you are an event manager, in a department or functional leadership role, a project lead or the CEO – you are deeply concerned to deliver great meeting. After all you’re bringing together people for a reason and with a lot of investment. You want the intended result of your meeting.

Graphic Recording Dubai means

  • You’re holding a better meeting.
  • You will not be required to change your meeting in any way: Graphic Recording is discrete and will not change the flow of your event nor any facilitation.
  • Your meeting will receive a solid, unique competitive advantage on the market and among similar events.
  • You’ll earn praise from everybody …

How to book a Graphic Recording in Dubai or the Middle East?

That’s a few simple steps:

  1. You get advice of what fits best for your challenge and your event.
  2. You book your graphic recorder, preferably a local provider (hint: as of now there is only one).
  3. You hold a briefing call and provide the content and logistics details of your meeting. That’s the agenda, timings and location, core objectives and process of the event etc. It is also this call where all practical details are covered, like material and room needs.
  4. On the day of the event your graphic recorder arrives 45-60 min. prior to the official start in order to set up and sync with you and your team.
  5. You start your event, welcome everybody and introduce the new role in the room in just a minute, and hold your event as planned. The Graphic Recording Dubai magically unfolds on the wall while all discussions and presentations take place. During breaks, people flock in front of the picture and take in the core results again.
  6. At the end, if needed, your facilitator will summarize the day in front of the big picture. People gather around the visual on the way to the exit. And your graphic recorder takes a high-resolution photo and you are handed over the original.
  7. You receive a retouched digital file from the photo taken as well as hints and advice how to now further use the visual recording after the event.

While this is just a typical example, events must be and will be tailor-made and need a custom approach in order to be successful.

Where will Graphic Recording @ Dubai Meetings be beneficial?

Simple answer: For all events or meetings where something is at stake. Both at internal and open events.

  • Internal meetings include: Strategy meetings, UAE / Middle East team off-sites, management workshops, presentations and pitches, board meetings etc.
  • Examples for open, publicly accessible events are: Conferences, trade shows, presentations and lectures of all kind etc.
  • Online meetings: Yes, graphic recording can also be embedded in MS Teams, Zoom calls and more.

What does Graphic Recording @ Dubai cost?

Booking a graphic recording is not about a visual or picture. It is about receiving a core puzzle piece of a solution for your challenge. A graphic recording is not a graphics or design service. It is, in contrast, a facilitation and process tool that your meeting will benefit from.

All meetings are different. From large-room presentations and drop-in lectures to complex, confidential strategy meetings. It is a tailor-made set-up (and solid preparation by your Dubai-based graphic recorder) that will determine success and impact of your graphic recording. A consultation call, a deep listening from a trained professional is the best we can advise – who then presents a custom-made solution. You’re receiving a solution, and you are not „booking a day-rate“. And of course, in such a consultation call you will be named a fee.

So the question is: Can you afford to not have a visual summary, a Graphic Recording @ Dubai meetings?

graphic recording dubai


Delivering a successful event or meeting is crucial. Dubai businesses and Middle East culture demands you to deliver on point and with the needed results. Your collaboration with a graphic recorder will support the goals of your event, give participants a valuable experience, and is a worthwhile investment for you as event host. Everyone will benefit. Successfully worldwide, now all over the Middle East.


How about your next Dubai meeting? Graphic Recording Dubai will impress. Start with your quick initial call!

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