COP28 Graphic Recording

COP28 Graphic Recording at the Climate Change Conference in Dubai

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COP28 Graphic Recording at the Climate Change Conference in Dubai: A Visual Tool to Raise Climate Change Awareness

The COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai is coming up at the end of 2023. As high-level representatives from around the world gather to discuss urgent action to combat climate change, Graphic Recording offers a unique opportunity to visually capture the important discussions and raise awareness of this global challenge.

The Benefits of Events with COP28 Graphic Recording

In alignment with the COP28 core theme “UNITE.ACT.DELIVER.”, we encourage all event organizers and presenters to use Graphic Recording.

Why Graphic Recording

Visual meetings are an effective tool to reveal the diverse and complex aspects of climate change and actively engage participants in the discussion. By visually recording important information, ideas, and proposed solutions in real time, Graphic Recording enables participants to capture the essence and make a lasting connection to the solutions that (hopefully) will emerge from COP28.

The main benefits of COP28 Graphic Recording in the UAE are many. It helps to focus on the core of the debate and use a shared visual language that makes it easier to understand complex issues and challenges. Moreover, Graphic Recording encourages active participation of everybody involved.

COP28 Graphic Recording for all Event Types

Our team of experienced graphic recorders is ready to create an inspiring and informative visual atmosphere at the COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai. From live illustrations during plenary sessions to participatory graphics at information booths, we offer customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of each event.

COP28 Graphic Recording
A Visual Facilitators team member during a live meeting visualization at COP23, 2017.

During COP28, different types of events take place in the Blue Zone and Green Zone – as well as spread out all over Dubai. Here are some examples and the typical organizers and their target audiences:
Blue Zone Events:

High-level negotiations: These are organized by governments and national delegations. The target audience is representatives of governments and diplomats who participate in the negotiations.
Side Events: These are organized by various actors such as governments, international organizations, NGOs, and businesses. Target audiences vary depending on the organizer, but may include government representatives, experts, academics, NGOs, journalists, and other interested parties.

Is that you and your event type? Contact us for a discrete and confidential COP28 Graphic Recording.

Green Zone Events:

Public Discussions: these events aim to increase public awareness and participation. They are often organized by NGOs, activists, and youth organizations and are aimed at the general public.
Workshops and Seminars: These are held by NGOs, research institutions, academics, and businesses. They are aimed at professionals, researchers, academics and interested parties to explore specific issues in depth and develop solutions. They can greatly benefit from their own unique COP28 Graphic Recording.
Exhibitions: Companies, NGOs, and research institutions present their technologies, products, and projects that contribute to the fight against climate change. Target audiences include conference participants and the general public.

Is that you and your event type? Think about upleveling your event by means of a COP28 Graphic Recording.

All over Dubai and the UAE:

Corporate events: Besides the blue and green zone, hundreds of consultancies, agencies, NGOs and organizations host meetings all over Dubai. Be it informational, community-building, entertaining or self-promoting – almost all of them can benefit from a COP28 Graphic Recording. As it helps to reach people, explain complex topics, encourage collaboration and action and even shed a good light on the event manager (should that be a motivation).
Cultural events: Music, art and film events all over Dubai and the Middle East are organized to address people emotionally and raise their awareness of climate issues. They are aimed at a broad audience and can be organized by artists, NGOs or cultural institutions.

Is that you and your event type? Contact us for your COP28 Graphic Recording.

Time to take action! With a COP28 Graphic Recording!

It’s time to become aware of the climate crisis and make action visible. You too can harness the power of Graphic Recording to make your events and meetings memorable and make a real difference. Book our Graphic Recording team today and help bring your COP28 event content into visibility.
COP28 Graphic Recording
We know from our vast project experience: The complex topic of large-scale transformation is really hard to bring into some level of impact. It is visuals, besides purpose work and facilitation tools, that are among the greatest levers of action. Here is an opportunity, to tap into the subtle field, the energy work, the emotional touching of people and the manifestation work that the huge global challenges demand from us. Whatever your motivation for being involved in climate change work is (and there are many coming from various angles), imagine: Your impact can be bigger.


If you are considering a Graphic Recording for your event during the COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai, there is an option open to you. Did you know there is only one graphic recording agency local to Dubai? During COP that means services tailored specifically to the needs of the COP events, be it consultancies, businesses or non-profit. It is advisable to contact us now to clarify availability and contribution to your events, and to ensure that the Graphic Recording delivers into direction of your goals. By incorporating Graphic Recording at your event, you will help intensify discussions about climate change and create a visual documentation that will last long after the „COP meeting mania“ is over.

COP28 Graphic Recording
COP28 Graphic Recording
COP28 Graphic Recording

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