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Team: Visual Facilitators

Helmut Dannemann

In over 40 years of working with individuals, organizations, groups and teams in the fields of coaching, supervision, mediation, facilitation and moderation, Helmut Dannemann has

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Oliver Wünsch

Oliver Wünsch: Moving images have fascinated me from an early age. In my professional career I have been visualizing and animating professionally for decades for

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Sebastian Lörscher

Sebastian Lörscher: As a graphic recorder, I love to deal with challenging topics. I translate abstract content into clear, tangible and sometimes humorous images, I

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Maren Hamel

Maren Hamel: The core question „Why?” is what guides us. It should interest the entire world. As it stands at every beginning, plays a big

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Eckhard Feist

Eckhard Feist: I love the challenge of intelligent Explanatory Videos: From a first approach with our client to the core of the message – and

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Björn Pertoft

Björn Pertoft: What is most important to me in my work as a visualizer is to capture and structure content and processes in a given

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Susanne Ferrari

Susanne Ferrari – “Yes, that’s my real name”, is usually my answer when asked about my name. Speed also plays an important role in what

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Till Laßmann

Till Lassmann: We express thoughts, emotions and facts with words and engage in verbal dialog with each other. Taking what we say additionally as a

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Johanna Baumann

Johanna Baumann: Visualizing something means depicting any content – no matter how complex, abstract or dry – in an attractive, creative and easily understandable way.

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Horst Lange

Horst Lange: What really excites me about Graphic Recording – I love it, to combine images with words in a meaningful and expressive way –

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Barbara Schneider

Barbara Schneider: What really excites me about Graphic Recording Barbara Schneider is particularly enthusiastic about the openness, creativity and variety of possibilities with which ideas and

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Kaa Faensen

Kaa Faensen: My strengths lie in listening carefully to content relevant to the client and in moderating with the help of the emerging visuals (visual

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