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Team: Visual Facilitators

Stefan Böddicker

This is Stefan, the “Quaselstrippe”!  There’s no way around me. As a sales assistant, I welcome our customers in the first step on the way

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Mirja Pischel

Mirja Pischel: The one reason I became a strategy visualizer and graphic recorder? I know how the audience feels. I took my first steps into

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Brechtje Hendriks

Brechtje Hendriks: Many clients describe me as a colorful, fun-loving, creative and warm personality. My Dutch roots and diverse personal and international experiences contribute to

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Laura Heming

Laura Heming: These days, content has to be communicated ever faster and gets ever more complex. I see it as my contribution to make the

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Jens Nordmann

Jens Nordmann: As a graphic recorder, my goal is to be fully present,  flexible and empathetic at all times when contributing to an event. The

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Elise Crespin

Elise Crespin: Since I have always had a pen in my hand since childhood, visual methods inspire me. Especially when it comes to group work.

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Gunter Rubin

Gunter Rubin: Since 1997 I have been working as a visual practitioner and quick-drawer for advertising agencies, publishing houses and business services. In this I

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Filippo Buzzini

Ciao! My name is Filippo Buzzini – people also call me Pippo – I translate the wishes of our clients into appealing, pragmatic visual communication.

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Carolin Görtler

Carolin Görtler: I am a long time visual practitioner. After studying visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, I worked in various

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Friederike Abitz

Friederike Abitz: Translating perceptions into images and words naturally flow through me. Chinese characters have taught me how universal our visual vocabulary is. When I

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Franziska Schwarz

Dr. Franziska Schwarz: I experience the world with all its small and major moments by recording them in writing and drawing. What began with visual

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Christine Held

Christine Held: Facilitation, workshop design and facilitation, sustainable business development, clarification of structural, strategic, cultural and interpersonal challenges.

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