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Mareikje Vogler

Mareikje Vogler: As a Graphic Recorder , you are often part of a beginning. Be it a new starting point or a desire for change

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Jost Keller

Jost Keller: For many years already I am a leading professional in strategy visualization and illustration. I then added the domains of animation, explainer videos as

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Maren Collet

Maren Collet: In Graphic Recording, I love to delve into a wide variety of areas. I’m a bit like a chef who sometimes makes some hard-to-digest

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Marcus Frey

Marcus Frey: Due to my background, I am excellently trained in visual thinking. In addition, my interest in business topics, group processes and current social

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Mathias Weitbrecht

When I entered the field of facilitation and visualization in 2005, I was passionate about facilitating change in the world and evolving potential. This is

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